Every November elections for club officers are conducted for the following calendar year. The ten (10) offices up for election are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Chairman, Technical Chairman, Membership Chairman, Chief Judge and two Directors at Large.

Term of office for these elected positions shall be one year and until their successors are elected, have been qualified, and take office. 

The process to conduct those elections is as follows:

Prior to August 1 of each year, the President appoints a Nominating Committee of three members to solicit candidates for the elected offices and furnish to the President, prior to the General Membership Meeting held in August, the names of the candidates and brief biographical information on each. When the President is not a candidate for reelection, he or she shall, unless disqualified, be named by the Nominating Committee as a candidate for Director at Large.

A ballot will be mailed to each member in good standing during the month of October, together with a membership renewal form for the following year.

Ballots must be returned to the Secretary by the starting time at the November General Membership Meeting, or by mail so as to reach the Secretary by that date. Members not wishing to vote for candidates shown on the ballot may write in the name of any member in good standing, provided that member has indicated his or her willingness to serve.

The candidate for each office who receives the largest number of votes is declared elected. In the case of Directors at Large, the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes are declared elected. The election results will be announced at the Membership Banquet in November.

Any vacancies occurring after the election are filled by a majority vote of the members present at the next regular General Membership Meeting of the Club. These elected officials then serve the remainder of the unexpired term.