Elected Officers - 2022

The following elected positions make up the Executive Board of the Club, with full voting rights:

President:  Tom Dawson
410-688-8358    tomdawson315@gmail.com

Vice President:  Nick Prevas
410-531-3745    highlandmd@yahoo.com

Secretary:  Al Zimmermann
410-560-0237    zimmco1@comcast.net

Treasurer:  Jack Treadwell
410-925-7024    jetreadwell@comcast.net

Activities Chairman:  Phil Hack
410-292-3656    phack126@gmail.com

Technical Chairman:  Gary Wilmer
443-340-7690    wilmervicky@gmail.com

Membership Chairman:  Vicky Wilmer
443-340-7703    wilmervicky@gmail.com

Chief Judge:   Larry Butcher
410-756-5310    zephyr38@verizon.net

Director at Large:  Paula Ruby
410-239-3492    paulaspackard@hotmail.com

Director at Large:  Tom Young
443-744-6338    tbirdtoms60@verizon.net