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  Chesapeake Region, AACA Website

This website of the Chesapeake Region, AACA is produced by a staff of 2 volunteers - webmaster Buzz Diehl, with technical assistance from his son Matt. Buzz is pictured above receiving the Master Webmaster award at the Awards Banquet of the 82nd AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Below is Matt with our 1990 Corvette Roadster.

The goal of the website is threefold: to introduce visitors to the Club, to supply information to the current Club members, and to provide a tool to conduct Club business.

An informative and interesting club website needs the input of club members.

We welcome comments and suggestions. Contact Buzz Diehl by telephone at 410-377-5265 or by email at hdiehl60@hotmail.com

Consistant recipient of high level awards from AACA for regional websites.

 Website Award 2012  Website Award 2013  Website Award 2014

 Website Award 2015  Website Award 2016  Website Award 2017

 Website Award 2018  Website Award 2020  Website Award 2021